How We Do It

We Print With The Wind
We have partnered with Public Service Company of New Mexico to make our facility 100% wind powered and have proudly joined the EPA Green Power Partner program.

We Invest In Renewable Energy
To further reduce our environmental impact, we purchase Green-e Climate certified Carbon Offsets equivalent to our annual use of virgin paper and natural gas.

We Reduce
Energy efficient lighting updates, additional participation in Public Service Company of New Mexico’s Power Saver Program and our migration to EnergyStar Certified print production systems reduce energy use.

We Reuse
Paper cartons are reused to move materials through various production processes and disposable paper products in our lunch room have been replaced with tableware.

We Recycle
All unused production material such as inserts, newsletters, envelopes and all cartons we don’t reuse are recycled. Setup material or spoilage with any customer information is securely shredded and then also recycled. Print production consumables such as toner bottles, imaging drums, developer units and waste toner containers are also returned for reuse or recycling.

We Restore
We help restore forest resources by using Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified paper and envelopes. While most commercial paper today is composed of some recovered fiber, the SFI certification completes the equation by confirming the rest of the wood fiber is from a responsible source. Additionally, we use FSC certified printing firms when outside print production is necessary.