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Part I: How to Integrate Digital & Print Marketing Campaigns

April 29 2016

While print marketing may seem to be something from a bygone era, do not be fooled. Print marketing is one of the most engaging marketing strategies, and statistically influences consumers’ purchasing decisions mores than digital strategies. Print marketing is so effective that some digitally-based companies have begun circulating printed magazines and other deliverables to gain traffic.

Now, the key to print marketing is to integrate digital and paper products. This packs the biggest punch, and your bottom line will show the difference. Read on to learn some different integration strategies.

QR Codes & Personalized URLs

Including codes and/or URLs drive consumers to your websites, where they will be doubly exposed to a digital campaign. This is a one-two punch that is more likely to influence a purchasing decision.

Furthermore, the amount of people who enter URLs or scan codes allow you to measure the efficacy of your printed campaign and improve it for the future.

Variable Printing

Variable printing involves personalized mailed deliverables that use data harvested from consumers. An effective way to use variable printing is to combine it with social media campaigns. By using information that you have on followers from Facebook or Twitter, you can organize separate interest groups, and send freebies and marketing promos accordingly. Targeted advertising is always the most effective.

Calls to Action

Include a call to action on each printed material. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it drives consumers to your websites, which means they get more exposure to your produce. Secondly, it offers a way for you to measure the paper campaign.

Social Media

We’ve already mentioned how print ads can drive customers to social media pages, but traffc can also be directed the other way. Social media is the best way to quickly reach a large number of people. Releasing a post instructing followers to look out for a mailed discount code or encouraging them to sign up for one is a great way to increase attention to the mailing.

Gather Feedback

When you get feedback on your webpage, it is very helpful to know how they were directed their originally. Include pop-up surveys to ask about how they found out about you. You’ll get a great meter for how many people are coming through because of your printed ads. Unfortunately, no one likes doing surveys, so you may need to incentivize it with access to exclusive content or some other goodie.

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