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Part II: How to Integrate Digital & Print Marketing Campaigns

May 13 2016

As discussed in our last post, some of the most effective advertising strategies integrate digital and printing tools. They allow the consumer to interact with your product on a physical level, but also give the opportunity to engage with your social media platforms and website. Additionally, and perhaps, most importantly, it allows you to track efficacy of printed materials.

Printed materials often include some of the most outside-of-the-box products. Read on to get inspired by some truly creative ad campaigns.

1. Style Survey

C&A, a fashion retailer, printed an ad that featured two different outfits. Underneath each was a ‘like’ button. These ‘like’ buttons were linked to the consumer’s Facebook account, and allowed them to get a count on which outfit people liked more.

2. Child-Tracking App

Nivea released an ad to promote sunscreen for kids, which also allowed parents to keep an eye on their kids at the beach. The ad contained a wristband that doubled as a tracking device that could be measured using an app developed by Nivea. This is the height of integration.

3. Digital Record Player

Kontor Records released an ad that combined print and digital better than almost anyone else. They mailed out a promotional vinyl record along with a paper turntable that was operated via an iPhone. This highly creative idea caught many people’s attention. The interest in the ad was also easily quantified since it integrated digital strategies with the paper product.

4. Ads in Motion

Lexus developed an ad made to print in magazines that could double as a commercial. With an iPad behind the ad, the car started driving around the page, accompanied by a varied soundtrack.

Ford made a similar ad by using a QR code printed on a parking space. When someone uses their phone to scan it, a Ford Explorer zooms up and smoothly parallel parks in the spot.

Volkswagen also jumped on this bandwagon. In a three-page spread of a road, readers could download an app to “test drive” the car on the road. It showcased different safety features, and even vibrated when the phone neared the edge of the road.

5. Board Game

Telecommunications company Sonera made an ad that doubled as the backdrop for a game. With an iPhone placed in the center, two people could compete against each other, while also learning about Sonera’s 4G wireless speed.

DataPrint: An Extension of your Marketing Team

As demonstrated by these successful ads, print is not just a thing of the past. At DataPrint we believe in making high-quality printed products and staying on top of the best technological strategies for data analysis. To learn more about how we can help you develop beautiful printed marketing materials and build cutting-edge email lists, check out our homepage today.

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